Brandy Tarleton

Brandy Tarleton, Republican for State House District 5

“My goal is to be a voice for this community. I am running for the state legislature because I know that our current representation just isn’t listening to us. My professional background is in customer service, and I know that 90% of what makes a good legislator is constituent service. The other 10%—the values that we share as a community—is also not being represented in Columbia. As your voice, I will always fight for you, and for what’s right.” – Brandy Tarleton

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Brandy Tarleton and Family

Meet Brandy

Brandy was born and raised in Upstate South Carolina, as the result of an unwed teen pregnancy. She was raised in a loving, conservative Christian family where her grandparents and great-grandmother had a large part in her upbringing. Her mother never received any aid from the government, and growing up, she was taught the value of hard work and forging one’s own destiny. This is the philosophy that shapes Brandy’s outlook and her life.

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Where Brandy Stands on the Issues


The first and most essential right is the right to life. This issue is very personal to me, as I was born as the result of an unwed teen pregnancy. I owe my existence to my mother choosing life. I will always protect the unborn.

Protecting Children and Parental Rights

I am deeply concerned about protecting children from indoctrination, sexualization, and mutilation. We are seeing the open assault on parental rights in other states. Unfortunately in South Carolina, many of our school administrations have been captured by ideological activists pushing not only CRT, but LGBT and especially trans ideology on kids in schools. As parents we must practice vigilance, but the legislature also needs to be willing to take necessary steps to hold accountable teachers and administrators who attempt to indoctrinate and hurt children.

Economic Issues

I will stand for our conservative values against special interests pushing ESG & DEI. We need a true fiscal conservative in the legislature, fighting the big corporate interests and voting for a budget that will reduce our taxes and ensure our tax dollars are going towards core government functions and not corporate handouts. I want to protect our small businesses from overregulation.

In our community, we are living with overdevelopment and corresponding infrastructure problems every day. While this is a municipal and county issue, as your state representative, I will be concerned with doing everything I can to rein in the special interests profiting off of the attempted destruction of our community.

Personal Freedoms

I will always work to protect our personal freedoms, which are constantly under attack, especially religious liberty, 1A, 2A, & medical freedom.